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BrightStar-Chapter ten to eleven

Chapter 10

“Shh…!” Someone is using his hand to cover George face. George open his eyes wide but he couldn't see much! It so dark everywhere! What happening? How would a hospital turn all the light off? “Hush… Come down… It no use for you to struggling right now, I meant no harm… For now!” The unknow s talking to George in a very creepy way. George can't see who he is, he want to breath faster but he have no contral, the machine is don't it for him. “How about doing this nice and slow… Shall we?” The man walk to George mechanical ventilators and turn it down to give less oxygen to George, that make George feel so weak and dizzy. “Here is the thing… Mr Stoneking… Why are you so interested to Tracy Kesinger? She should be died! What make you bring this after twenty years? How did you understand this incident? It should be stay hidden,I wrote in the letter said I'll kill everyone in your life, what makes you think it still works after twenty years? No… It not just because the letters… What else drive you to this… I'll find out! George Stoneking.” He run to George machine and turn it off, George feel awful and start struggling. 

“George!” George open his eyes and it dark night already, everything look the same as normal in the hospital. He look up and see such beautiful hair waving on him and he blink more few times and focus, the blur pass away from his eyes and see it Wellen Silver, “Oh hey! I thought I told Ryan tell no one to come?” George think, he stil can't speak and his face turn angry because of that. “Is it you don't wish to see me? I can go now!” Silver startled after seeing his face turn angry. George shake his hand in the air thinking no no no! “I… Guess that a no?” George nodd to her and realise it was a bad idea. The pipe that connect to his neck cause him deadly painful, his tears running out from he eyes within not his contral. “Are you okay…? Why are you crying?” Silver have no idea what to do. “George can't speak, he wave his hand like he is writing, “Oh! You want to write?” Silver pass the paper to George that Ryan left there. 
George write: Sorry I didn't mean to scared you, what time is it? Is dangerous if you come this night. 

“It fine… I think you are more dangerous considering your situation… It around 10 half now, we have done rehearsing after 10 o'clock, it close to school here, just twenty minutes away, I walk here, silver answer his questions to comfort him. She look at George eyes and attracting by it, George didn't move away his eyes either, George is paying so much more attention to Silver. In a way he doesn't know, he is lening froward to her little by little… He blink away and write down

Is your hair brunett or black? 

“Haha, it dark brunett, just got few pink highlight to make a illution that is black, my whole family 
Have silver hair… I'm the only one who have dark hair… they caught surprise when I was born like this… Where are your parent?” Silver explain to him. 
George write: I like your hair, makes you special in your family!
I love brown eyes more then grey, seem to cold. 
My parent is on a Reincarnation Concerts, can't come, but they have been notice.
“Oh… Thank you I guess… That very nice of you, I'm sure your parent have no choice but to no coming. Um... Look! I make you this bracelet… For better luck…” Silver pass the bracelet over very shy and show to George. It a very delegate work on it, shine white boned with light sky blue, with dark blue at the side boned with black. It about one inch wide. George love it! He pull up us left hand and let Silver put it on. “To want it? Really?” Silver get off gaurd and very glad that George want it. George nodd to her and rise his hand more, she gentlely put the bracelet on to him, it was surprisingly fit! Her face is blushing like a cherry. “It matches your eyes, as I aspect.”
George write: thank you very much, I love it. It pretty late now, you want to go back to your hostel?
“Yeah Sure…” Silver don't want to go that soon, she want to spend more time with him. 

Write: help me ask one more question before you go, did anyone else came to my room?

Silver went to look for a nurse and ask. 

“The nurse no one came…” Silver sit George bed by his leg, and look into him. “So… Bye… Se you soon I guess…” She stand up and leave his bed, but she sit back down for a second and turn to George and kiss him. George didn't srink, he kiss her back with a little toungless kiss, gently use his tounge touch her inner upper lip. Just for two seconds Silver hearts was already bumping like a running bourse. She push George away and stand back up. “Um… Bye!” Silver walk away from his room and go back to her hostel. 

She stand by his room door and turn back tell him “the nurse also tell me the doctor will come tomorrow morning to see can you get off from your machine, and move you to our nurse office and let you rest there.” 

George nodd at her and lay back down, no though, after two seconds he fall at sleep again.

Chapter 11

“Good morning Mr Stoneking! You ready?” The doctor has come to help George get off from the mechanical ventilator. “That strange…” The doctor read the printing data records from the machine found something pop out. He whisper to the nurse but George can still hear the nurse answer. ‘No… No one came to touch it.’ Then George knows… It was real last night. 
After putting out the machine George is good to transport him to the school ward. When he arrive, Mka was already there when he get in his ward. Silver and Snow is behind Mka. Once George notice Sliver was there he couldn't put his eyes away from her. Silver try her best to avoid eye contact with George. She don't want Mka to find out that she like him too. 
Mka keep talking, keep asking how is George, George know Mka is just trying to take care of him, but a minute of silence would be great.
Finally, the school bell ring, Mka have to leave. She fight so hard to leave George alone. Silver walk behind her, George grab her hand lightly very fast and put a peace of paper in her hand. Silver got flabbergaste and run away with Mka.


“I'm sorry I couldn't be there with you.” Tracy keep apologising to Esberstark while she is listing to him what happened. 
“It alright! Stop apologies to me, I'm not the one who got poision, that kid safe my life, got to go thanks him later. You visiting him ?” Esberstark ask Tracy. 
“Yeah I'm going tonight, I'm sure he need more time to adobt. I think is too much for anyone.” Tracy understand George feeling. 
Esberstark keep silence, he still feel guilty about this. It could have been him, he should be the one who laying in the hospital. Not George. 
“Hey! It not your fault! You tried your best, he is still alive because of you, don't take this on you. Did you get a new clue then?” Tracy try to change the subject, “No… It was another dead end… that bastard play us, but there is a high chance Renny is the one who killed you, but there are some part dosnt make sence. The cover of the letter Renny wrote, his mom said it his writing, after I open the envelope his mother didn't recognise his writing anymore.” Esberstark point it out.
“Is that mean Renny didn't kill me?” Tracy still have hope in Renny. “Is Renny maybe force to write that envelope and the killer write the letter?”
“No… Doesn't add up. I mean who would kill a girl and do so much for it, no ones gonna find out anyway, he could have just walked away. Why do so much unless there is more reason.” Esberstark still don't think all this were just coincident. 
“Well… As you said it was a dead end. How you gonna find out?” Tracy ask. 
“Give this to George, it the letter, I meme rise it and write it down. Maybe he can think out of something.” Esberstark pass the paper to Tracy. 
“Alright! I'll give it to tonight.”Tracy said. 


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